Programming will resume in the fall:)

Gloria Patri

Small Group Ministry

This January, the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry (OYYAM) is launching an exciting new initiative that will (we hope!) provide a faith and social experience that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and interests! This promising venture will see the formation of several small groups built around a shared interest. The goal of these groups is to form young adult community, provide opportunities for people to grow in faith, and serve as the foundation for the greater young adult community within our Archdiocese. Please note that these groups can be formed anywhere, and it is our hope that they would not all be in one central location. 

It is worth noting that, currently, all of our small groups are taking place in online settings. While this was not our intention when we first came up with this idea, it is a decision that was made out of necessity. Once it is safe to gather in larger numbers, you can be sure that the small groups will adjust as well! 

Registration for small groups is now closed. Keep your eyes open for the next round of small groups to begin around the end of March!

To learn about hosting or joining a group go to the Archdiocese of Regina Website!

Educators on a Mission

Are you a young person (or young at heart person!) who has chosen to dedicate their life to serving and educating young people? Are you a young teacher, educational assistant, youth minister, early childhood educator or childcare provider? If so, this group is for you!

This group will gather to support each other in the joys and sorrows of this important mission work, but also to be strengthened in faith, so that you can lead well. Exciting Bonus: This group will be connected to some power pray-ers in the community, who will take your intentions and hold them close in prayer, all week, every week. Prayer changes things my friends! Come join us!

This group will meet online at 3:50pm on Wednesdays, beginning April 21st . 

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

 The Pre-Marriage Course

For those who are engaged or are exploring the possibility of marriage.

The Pre-Marriage Course helps engaged couples or those exploring the possibility of marriage to build strong foundations for their future together. Nicky and Sila Lee, authors of The Marriage Book, developed The Pre-Marriage Course to help couples invest in their relationship for a lasting relationship. This course will help you learn to communicate well, understand and appreciate your differences, and prepare for potential challenges.

This group will meet online at 6:30pm on Sundays, beginning April 18th.

**Please note: Though supplementary, this course is not a replacement for Marriage Prep.**

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

Forward in Faith

We invite you to take one hour a week (you know… that hour that you don’t think you possibly have time for, but that could potentially be a game changer!) to explore the many ways in which to deepen (or enter into for the first time) your relationship with God. This is a safe space where no question is off-limits! This group will meet online on Mondays at 7:00pm and will be facilitated by two trained spiritual directors. If you have wondered what spiritual direction might be like, this might be a good starting point.

This group will be hosted by Barb Wright and Brenda Brown, and will run Mondays @ 7:00pm for six weeks, starting on Monday, April 19th.

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

Press "Pause" and Pray

If you’ve been thinking about working on your prayer life, want to discover some new ways to pray, or just don’t know where to start, this group is for you. Meeting Mondays at 6:30pm, this group will introduce you to a different prayer experience each week, with the simple goal of being able to pray together with a variety of prayer styles. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a “prayer warrior” or as someone who is just beginning their faith journey – everyone is welcome!

This group will meet online at 6:30pm on Mondays, beginning April 26th.

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

Fun & Games with Kelly

Join Kelly Tuesday evenings for Fun & Games! Spend some time unwinding with others as you play a variety of online games from Board Game Arena, Jackbox, and others! Grab a friend and let the games begin!

This group will meet online at 6:30pm on Tuesdays, beginning April 20th. 

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

The Chosen Watch Party

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. No matter where you are in your journey with Jesus Christ, this TV show is for you.

Over the course of eight (8) weeks, you’ll come together virtually to watch and discuss each of the eight episodes of The Chosen, breaking open its themes and what it means for our own lives.

This group will meet online at 7:00pm on Tuesdays, beginning April 20th.

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

Nature Walks for Young Families

This group will meet on Friday mornings at 9:30 and is geared to parents of young children. There will be an opportunity for parents to come together with other parents to chat/pray as they walk. The group will meet each week on a different established trail around Regina and will move at a kid-friendly pace so that small children and babies in strollers can be brought along.

This group will meet at a predetermined location Fridays at 9:30am, beginning April 23rd.

When meeting in person, please remember to follow all current health guidelines.

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)

Walking with a Purpose

If you love the great outdoors, exercise, and meeting people, then this is for you! This group will come together for the first two sessions to get to know each other and learn a little bit about Laudato Si: Care for Creation. (these first two gatherings will happen online) Then it will be time to hit the trails. We will provide researched, approved nature trails for any area of the diocese you find yourself in. So ask a few folks to join with you and start “walking with a purpose”.

This group will meet Saturdays at 1:00pm, beginning April 24th. Please note that the first two gatherings will take place online. 

When meeting in person, please remember to follow all current health guidelines.

To register go to :Join a Young Adult Small Group | Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan (archregina.sk.ca)


E3 Evenings-Run by FACETOFACE 

What: An E3 Evening includes some fun, a great live talk, small group discussions, prayer, and a challenge to go forward with.
Why: Because you deserve excellent opportunities for fellowship and growing in your faith.
For who: All high school youth (ages 14-18) and young adults who are desiring to dive deeper into their faith.
Lead by:  FacetoFace Ministries

For more information on E3 and Face to Face check out their website: f2f.ca.

For dates and reminders text: F2FE3 to 1-306-952-5708


World Youth Day:


Check out the above promo video and start discerning now! Are you called to a pilgrimage journey? Are you called to meet with the Holy Father and 2 or 3 million of your new best friends in Portugal in August of 2023? The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry will be taking a group (assuming all things pandemic have settled by then of course) . We will begin conversations about it in the Fall of 2021

ALSO for those interested in ministering to others….(educators, volunteers, camp leaders, parish volunteers, missionaries etc.)

Our friends at Campion COLLEGE welcome ANY young adult, whether they are a student or not, to join them for the following:

A Closer Look at the Gospel of Matthew” – A non-credit, one hour per week, course on Mondays starting on February 1st until March 29th from 1:00-2:00pm. Offered via Zoom by Kelly Bourke, M.Div. Registration required. Email Kelly Bourke for more info Kelly.Bourke@uregina.ca


Examen – Remembering to take a breath and reflect at the end of our week with an Ignatian reflection tool called the Examen. Join in on Friday afternoons at 2:30pm for 20 minutes. Link: https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/91514741426?pwd=eU1QZk13MEVwZk5JQks3YzBZZ3Z1QT09

Meeting ID: 915 1474 1426

Passcode: 577175


Art Retreats – Join an afternoon or evening retreat over Zoom using art for reflection. Both bring-your-own-supplies freestyle and supplies-provided retreats will be offered. Registration required for the supplies-provided retreats. Watch for announcements on Campion Social Media and our website! https://campioncollege.ca/student-services/campus-ministry/ Please note that while all our welcome,  preference for this one (if spaces become limited) will be given to Campion students.


Meditation Minutes – 20 minutes of simple meditation practice over Zoom offered once a week on Thursday afternoons at 2pm. All are welcome to join! Starts on Thursday, January 14th. Link: https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/99189742830?pwd=ZS9XRUc2VWFkYTdxMUpMQ0p6MnVIQT09

 Meeting ID: 991 8974 2830

Passcode: 784381