Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic MinistersThe Eucharist is the heart and center of our lives.  We are given the opportunity as Ministers of Holy Communion to help the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion.  At each Sunday Mass we have 4 Eucharistic Cup Ministers and 2 Eucharistic Bread Ministers. Eucharistic Ministers must be Confirmed and 16 years of age and arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass.

Ministers of communion love the Eucharist. They know they are helping to distribute the most precious gift of all, the Body and Blood of Christ.

They approach the altar reverently. The Presider serves communion to these ministers first so that they may then distribute what they in turn have received.

A couple of the ministers help the Mass Coordinator purify the vessels at the credence table after Mass.

This ministry requires great reverence for the Eucharist, a prayerful attitude and a love for the people of God. Consider:

                Do I have a reverence for the Eucharist?

                Am I willing to put aside my own shyness to serve my community?

You can find a copy of the Eucharistic Ministry guidelines here.

Find a copy of the Vessel Cleaning Instructions here.