Power Point Operators

This important ministry allows all at Mass to participate fully. These people operate the Power Point for the Mass, managing the display of songs and prayers for the congregation. The PowerPoint operator also operates the cameras during Mass. There is one Power Point Operator for each Mass.  Must arrive 30 minutes before Mass.

As with all of our ministries, training and support is provided.


Do I use a computer easily?

Can I pay attention to the order of the Mass and have the ability to react quickly at times?

Can I read English well?


Sound Ministry

The sound ministry person must arrive 30 minutes before Mass. Our sound system is programmed and quite easy. Sound ministers are trained to do some simple troubleshooting during a Mass and work with the PowerPoint person to ensure the sound of any videos shown is adjusted correctly.

Training is provided.


Can I commit to coming to Mass when scheduled?

Do I have a good ear to be able to hear a change in volume or frequency?

Am I a musician who understands instruments and vocalists?