Proclaimers are competent readers who love the Word of God and make it come alive in the liturgy. They know that we, the assembly, come to the Eucharist to hear sacred scripture and to be inspired by it. They are aware that they must proclaim effectively if God’s people are to understand the homily. Above all they know it is God who speaks when they proclaim.

These ministers take time to read the scripture before they proclaim at Mass. They allow adequate time for people to settle before they begin reading. They read not too quickly, not too slowly, and they vary the tone of their voice to suit the text. They pace their reading, pausing at appropriate moments so that we who are listening have time to take in the meaning. They emphasize appropriate words. They make eye contact with assembly so that the community knows this text is being proclaimed for them. Proclaimers remain at the ambo reverently and prayerfully at the end of the reading, inviting the assembly to ponder with them in silence. Proclaimers also voice the prayers of the people – the General Intercessions. They should sit near the front of the church.

This ministry requires an ongoing commitment to reflect and pray with the Word of God. Consider:

     Do I love the Word of God?

     Am I comfortable reading in public with a good voice and expression?

Proclaimers must arrive at Mass at least 15 minutes early.

Find a copy of the Proclaimer guidelines here.